GJ Rechner and his descendants: Rechner, Fischer/Fisher, Stolz and Reuther journeys


GJ Rechner descendants is an Acrobat Reader file and lists known descendants of Gustav Julius Rechner and his wife Bertha. (As of 26 June 2008 I had 1,517 names.) GJ Rechner was born 29 December 1830 in Liegnitz, Silesia, a Prussian area that was to become part of Germany and today is in Poland. He arrived in South Australia in 1848 and the reunion of descendants was 29-30 March 2008.

Julius started teaching at the Lutheran school at Light Pass in 1849. His future wife Bertha arrived soon after and they were married at Tanunda on 29 October 1850. He and Bertha had 13 children of whom 8 survived birth. His parents and two sisters followed GJ arriving in SA in 1854GJ was not ordained until 1861, and he taught and ministered at Light Pass for some years until the work became too much and he concentrated on his work as a Lutheran pastor. His son Johannes taught for a while before becoming a draper, another Pastor Fritz became a German language teacher at Adelaide's St Peters College. Many of his descendants became pastors or married them; many others are teachers, doctors, nurses and people who give to their communities. Many are active members of their church. Many descendants have musical abilities. We have musical people who teach music, sing in choirs and even a Professor of Music! Julius himself was musical and even before leaving Prussia had established a choral group and it was amongst this group that he met his future wife Bertha Bergmann who had a soprano voice.

This listing of descendants is not exhaustive, there are many names and details that are missing. If you know of other descendants, or births, marriages and deaths and where and when the event occurred or note spelling errors please contact me by sending an email to rechnerjg@gmail.com or a letter to Mrs Judy Gale Rechner, Unit 1101, 398 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo Queensland, Australia 4151.

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The successful programme for the weekend of 29-30 March 2008 .

The family reunion was held at Strait Gate Lutheran Church, Light Pass in the Barossa Valley. This is where our ancestor GJ Rechner started teaching in 1849 and then became a pastor in 1861, and where all his children were born and raised. Over 170 adults and 24 children enjoyed the weekend, and the committee is to be congratulated, their hard work ensured the weekend flowed smoothly and the reunion was a great success.

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A reunion is being planned for 3 and 4 March 2018, for further information contact rechnerreunion@hotmail.com

Last updated 15 February 2017