Judy Gale's new home at the Village at Coorparoo

Judy Gale, little Miss Milly and big bully Harley live in a delightful three-bedroom unit on the ground floor of Building 1, The Village at Coorparoo. Erica, the 1890 King family home has been rejuvenated to become a community centre.

Erica in the early 1900 Erica refurbished 2012
Erica and some of the King family in the early 1900s and Erica refurbished April 2012

The black and brown mountain   Courtyard and mountain
Unit 1101's courtyard, and planter box and the mountain being planted with spiky green plants.

Harley eating cat grass and Milly in their Aussie Cat Enclosure home Cats in their new Aussie Cat Enclosure home
Miss Milly in cage Dec 2012  Milly and Harley enjoying their enclosure and no rain
As it is too dangerous for the cats to go a roaming they were in a cattery and then locked in the unit for months. Since 13 April 2012 they have a 1.75 metre long, 2.4 metre wide Aussie Cat Enclosure, with a wee tunnel leading to a kitty litter container. They get into and out of their enclosure via a cat flap in my study window. It is left open 24/7 and Harley certainly goes outside at night, and they both go outside once the sun is up. Blonde Harley and brown little Miss Milly are happy in their Aussie Cat Enclosure home

Bromiliades add colour to the long planter box Colourful plants in front of loung
Allowed to add plants to her planter box and with the help of her friend Jay, Judy Gale was much happier.

Building 2 Feb 2013
Building 2 and 3 under construction, view from Unit 1101 courtyard Feb 2013

Cat on top of the mountain on top of the mountain Planter box garden and mountain Sept 2012
Building 2 and 3 are under construction, resulting in a mountain of dirt being added to the black mountain with green spiky things outside Unit 1101 in August. The mountain and planter box in September 2012

The mountain at the end of January 2013    Leaning plants 28 Jan 2013
The Village survived the Australia Day long weekend storms, but some plants suffered and Jude's courtyard.
Some courtyard tiles sounded hollow, space under the tiles 
filled with water. Being fixed February 2013 Mountain and garden Feb 2013

The Village cafe Baby Flute opened and had really yummy food and most enjoyable malted milks, iced coffees, other coffees and teas. Sadly it closed the Friday before Christmas. The Village Cafe has opened with Vivian Ting in charge. She makes yummy food, well worth a visit. She also has a cafe restaurant in the city Yi on Edward

What the new building and the mountain look like in June 2013.
Building 2 and mountain June 2013 Mountain June 2013 Mountain June 2013 Mountain & Harley in cat cage June 2013
Would you believe the mountain is going? Excavation for Building 4 and 5, started. Building 5 will include our amenities facilities,

New temp fence being built New temp fence being built New temp fence being built Temp office and mess hut being moved in New fence and old fence on top of the mountain New fence New fence, old fence part gone and white screw machine Digging the mountain Moving dirt and screw machine Moving dirt Mountain going May 2013 Mountain going Mountain and crane going 22 Aug 2013 Crane gone 23 Aug 2013
Big hole almost finished 13 Sep 2013 Big hole almost finished 13 Sep 2013

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