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Grand old lady of lace

The story of all those who have lived and worked in Queen Alexandra Home a Coorparoo heritage lcon.

The book starts with a brief history of the Nicklin family, the dramatic survival of Alice and tragic death of Reuben and Jane Nicklin when the RMS Quetta hit a rock and sank, and how their home Hatherton came to be a Methodist Children's Home. The Ladies Committee that ran the Home from 1911 to 1960 kept detailed minutes these reveal their aspirations and problems of managing the Queen Alexandra Children's Home, of housing, clothing, feeding and caring for up to 110 boys and girls. Author Judy Gale Rechner uses their words to describe how they coped and what they did.

Grand old lady of lace includes reminiscences of Home girls and boys, Somerville House girls, Home Economics teachers and fashion design students. It tells the history of it becoming Queen Alexandra Home Community Centre while being part of an educational facility.

Read how Queen Alexandra Home has been a community hub for nearly 120 years and enjoy the more than 50 illustrations that complement the text, and demonstrate the changes to the Home and its uses.

CCAI believes in 'Fellowship, understanding, compassion - A caring and sharing community', as did the Ladies Committee. The Association hopes that you enjoy the story of its Home, invites you to purchase a copy of the book and welcomes you to join in the various activities.

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