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Fees are based on time  plus cost incurred for purchase of documents, photocopies and so on.

The fee rate is that recommended by the Professional Historians Association (Queensland).

        Time at $110.00 (Inc GST) an hour or part thereof or $3,080 per week plus GST

Some examples:

This research is generally time consuming requiring visits to repositories such as Queensland State Archives, John Oxley Library and BCC Archives and land tenure searches.

         LAND TENURE
Cost of documents and $110.00 an hour or part thereof.
If land tenure is from alienation from the Crown to the present day, this can involve obtaining from three (3) to nine (9) or more documents, the average is five (5). Land tenure for a home usually takes less than 3 hours but for a business, church, industry or precinct it takes much more time.

Short house history cost from $500.00
     Full house histories can take several days as they involve land tenure and Post Office Directory searches and visits to repositories such as John Oxley Library and BCC Archives.

Or for a STEP BY STEP GUIDE and information on how you can research the history of your home or business premises send a Self Addressed Envelope and cheque for $16.50 to Rechners Researchers, Unit 1101, The Village at Coorparoo, 398 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo Qld 4151.

  Use Rechners Researchers for

    Cultural heritage research
    Local history
    Heritage tours
    Compiling bibliographies
    House history
    Land tenure
    Property provenance

Use Rechners Researchers for all your historical research needs


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Last updated 6 March 2012